Love – An Illusion

“No baby, I’ll bring the groceries home
You don’t have to walk miles to get them”
“Yes baby, I’ll bring him back from school
Don’t you see the raging sun?”

Endowed with a husband
who’d do the chores for me
and never let me suffer
even an inch of pain

Someone who detested when
someone ogled at me
and so I thought
I was the apple of his eye

An husband oh so perfect
one would die to have him close
And I knew I was in the arms of true love
A love this pure, that hurt would always elude

Of one thing I was sure,
with an overprotective partner around
I would always be
in a protected territory

Oh, but such an illusion I was in,
He forbid me any freedom,
And chained me in the mesh of naivety
where I soaked in ignorance,
And kept me enclosed in a dungeon,
in darkness,
in despair!

Love can be
such a delusion, an illusion,
an ounce of more love,
can be so smothering.

Daily Prompt: Illusion


A Little Commitment

To You,

Your breath I inhale, little by little. I actually relish. Yes, I relish your breath. It works like magic onto me. It puts me off to sleep, like the lullaby puts off an infant to sleep. And transfers me to the sublime dreamlands, while you snore away. Oblivious to whether I sleep like a baby in the womb, or if I curl like a wilting bud. Unfortunate me! Only if you would stay up late and watch me slowly drift to my dreamlands. Nevertheless, you must once notice how gradually I doze off. I am sure it shall make for a pleasing scene.

Neither do you watch me sleep, nor do you observe how I wake up, and be a naggy child in general, in the mornings. I often wish that you noticed and spoke endearingly about these little episodes. I know no one shall, anyday. However, this ache for a caress somehow settles down and makes way for the brimming love that I have for you. I hastily get ready in the mornings, while the coffee brews. Ofcourse I cannot afford to be late by even a minute. The coffee has to be ready before you leave. I cannot see you leaving without having breakfast. Well, thats love. My commitment towards you. While you do not even think twice, before you hurl abuses at me, when things are not as per time. You never even bother to know, whether I am tired from the daily hustle or if I sipped some coffee.

You earn, and that you consider is your ‘superpower’. Well, I know you work hard. Really hard. But you love me, dont you? A little shower of love hurt noone! A little affection would go miles. A little commitment, would mean the world to me.

From Me.

Daily Prompt: Commit



Mundane incidents,
Writhing pain,
Unfathomable dreams,
Bland crushs’,
Romantic fantasies,
Tears that wont cease,
Philosophy that seldom
makes sense,
Violent rage,
Secrets the world shall
never know,
Jubilant days full of laughter,

You consume all
with zilch complains,
and you give back
immense healing,
whats the trick
my friend?

Daily Prompt: Paper

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She wakes up
to the tumultuous headlines
sipping hot coffee
to warm her insides
to keep her sanity alive.
Breathing in the
barbarous desires
and vile dreams
of the pedestrians
which whisper to her
she takes it in,
all with ease.
Ease that has come
with persistent practice.
She does fret,
she does cry,
but she masquerades well,
One trick up her sleeve
that helps her survive.
Survive the brutalities,
and the inconceivable
and the absurd dreams
of the humans,
who are
infused with inhumanity.
She abides by this loop
day in and day out.
Yet, her pristine heart
longs to fly.
One day,
she will.
One day,
she will liberate herself
from this mesh.

Daily Prompt: Loop


Lying in a pool of despair. Heartbroken. A forgiving heart that has been mended way too many times. Yet, the heart does not cease to flutter. Seeking new love. Trying to forget the old scars. Being hopeful while enveloped in hopelessness.
She indeed was a paragon, of an eternal optimist. Someone who chose to see the creaky ray of light peeping through, in a room full of darkness.

Daily Prompt: Paragon