The Boy and The Girl

“Hey Ricky, she’s coming. She’s in the corridor”, whispered Pratyay.

“Wa..wa…what? Really? Where’s she?” questioned Ricky in excitement.

His joy knew no bounds. he had loathed her absence, in the first lecture. It was Mr. D’souza’s lecture, her favourite. Why in the world did she even miss it, wondered Ricky.

Inadvertently he positioned himself to ogle at her.

She was almost at the entrance to the class room now. She was about to enter. And a smile lit up Ricky’s face. He was already staring at her with wide eyes. Staring.. or maybe trying to read her face.

“Oh my! What a beauty!” he thought. He observed that she slowly paced up the stairs and sat on her bench, far away in the corner. She seemed unreasonably exhausted, for this fresh morning. She greeted her friends. She seemed so divine when she smiled, pondered Ricky.

She was unpacking her bag and gearing up for the next lecture.

And then the bell rang.

“Done with your quota for today?”, mocked Pratyay at Ricky. Ricky gave a sparkling smile. Pratyay was the only person who knew about this secret. It was only him, who knew Ricky’s feelings for Pradnya. Ever since then, Pratyay did a good job of telling Ricky about her whereabouts. He informed Ricky everytime she looked at him by chance. Pratyay was one of the best allies, Ricky ever had.

For the last couple of years, this was the pattern he followed. She came everyday. He saw. And once in a blue moon, if their gazes ever met, they flashed awkward smiles at each other.

How on earth, he thought, monotony never set in! He simply never tired of looking at her. His desires only increased with every extra stare at her. How he wished that she was his. For some odd reason he was sure that she was single. Maybe it was her reticence towards social networking sites, or maybe the fact that she never was seen frequently on her cell. She even kept away from boys. She maintained relations with only a handful. And luckily, he was one of them.

Finally I got a peek, Ricky said to himself. He sat on the faraway bench, in the opposite corner, where he could get a nice view of her. He observed that she wasn’t her vibrant self today. She kept to herself . What could be the issue, thought Ricky. What if I approached her for some random book? Would I get a peek into the cause of her sullen mood? Or would she ask me bluntly to shut my mouth. This thought ate Ricky’s time.

At times, he detested the fact that he was so reticent. He worried as to how things would move. He wished he was bold enough to approach her, and maybe ask her out one fine day.

Even though there was zilch connect between them, Ricky over time had learnt to interpret her really well. Her disturbed mood somehow got over him too. He felt the pain. Only if I could go and soothe her, he thought.

His woolgathering simply continued in sync with the boring ‘Law’ lecture. It was as if the Sir sang some backdrop music to his daydreaming.

No doubt, there was some poise in her. She had this aura about her, he thought. After all, she was also the favourite of almost all the Professors in the Commerce Batch. A brainy lass he fell for, chuckled Ricky to himself.

And the lectures for the day took a halt, and so did Ricky’s thoughts.

It was time to leave.

She was leaving too, as usual with her pack of friends. She seemed to be in a delightful mood. And for a moment she glanced at the right. Only for a moment. And their eyes met.

And she smiled. And he did too, just the way she did. Though for a jiffy, but heartily.


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