A love letter…

Hi love,

How do I even start the letter?  You must be stuck as usual with you boring work, and you might regard this letter too as some boring shit, at first glance. But no oh, this is your sweetheart, sending oodles of love, in this tiny piece of paper. It’s been a month, and I miss the love. Our nights together. Our cuddling. Our two in a blanket nights. Ugh, such weird names, we gave to those activities. I wonder when you shall be back and take me in your arms. I know there have been incessant calls, heavy skyping and stuff, but I still chose to write this letter, coz’ I wanted to convey my love for you in my handwriting. You always said that you love my handwriting; I thought I shall give you a pleasant surprise with this letter.

Pain has consumed me all sweetheart. I miss your sweet touch. I miss that fragrance that emanated from your body. I miss making out with you, every time we had silly fights. How I envy those people who get to have those kind talks with you! Hope you doing well, and everything is fine on your end.

I know, our love is yet to mature! And that we are yet to be officially each others. However, I still loath your absence. I miss that calmness that surrounds me, when you are around. I miss your care. I miss that caress of your lips. I miss you love!

Come back soon, baby! We will relive those jolly times again. Much love! :*


Jennifer read the letter. And she couldn’t cease blushing. Such was their love. Pure and carefree.


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