Crystal Clear

Without you, everything appears obscure to me. You always stand by me, through the thick and the thin. You are my constant companion, a staunch ally! Barring a few hours, I ought to have you always, every hour, and every jiffy! At times I am left awestruck, considering my plenteous reliance on you. It is only when I don you, that I can behold this picturesque planet.

Although your existence is lifeless, you breathe life into me! It’s with you, that the world appears seemingly splendid, to my eyes. The vibrancy of the view comes alive, with you by my side!

Sadly enough, I always abandoned you in the start. I always considered you as a ‘languid appendage’ to my effervescent essence. I always thought that you stole away the gleam of my face. I detested you in abundance. I also hated that inhumane human, who diagnosed me to have you. You made my life miserable!

Nonetheless, ever since the last couple of months, I have realised your significance. Without you, incessant headaches and scoldings were a common sight, then. You are the most indispensable asset of my life. Albeit, there are ample alternatives available in the market, I will always vouch for you!

You are the most cunning tool I know! You are identical to camouflage. You have this peculiar ability of adding a tinge of ‘dainty’ look to one’s countenance. However, at times you also worsen people’s faces, with your clumsiness!

On the contrary, you make millions of lives worth living. You play a paramount role in many a peoples’ life. You are a classic instance of a ‘Best-friend’. None can define the role of a ‘best friend’ as seamlessly as you!

It’s solely on account of your loss lately, that I realised your ‘irreplaceable’ role in my life!

Though you are nothing but a pair of ‘Glasses’, carved with a desired ‘power’, you mean a lot to the bespectacled masses, like me. It’s prodigious on your part, to be able to bestow people with impeccable eyesight!

Thanks a tonne, my dear ‘SPECTACLES’!


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