Passing Darkness


Amidst the bombings, and gore

Beneath the famished bodies of the hungry children

Underneath the brains of the greedy who govern

In the nature’s fury that unleashes itself often

And in the huts of the tired men who fight for their daily supper

Darkness reigns.

And doom seems imminent.

But somewhere a tiny ray of light flickers.

Hope as imperceptible as a feather’s touch lingers.

And blocks of faith float on the sea of misery.

A day shall come when the peering light will display its full glory!


5 thoughts on “Passing Darkness

    1. Brotherhood is not fully dead. Hopefully, it will rekindle itself oneday and free the world of all the wrongdoings and war. And thats the little optimism I mentioned. Until then, peace! 😃
      Glad you liked the poem 😃


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