Scary Delusion


Want to know what cowardice is?

Ask the mother how she feels everytime her baby throws an awful wail,

Ask the soldier’s wife, who pray’s day and night, for her husband’s safe return,

Ask the diligent student, who despite having put in all, fears the results,

Ask the Olympic winner, who fears his rival for the next ordeal,

Ask the kid who waits for a moment, before he finally dives into the pool,

Ask the young lad, who fears to pop the question to his beloved.
Cowardice is a scary delusion,

where meek sheep appear like hounds!

Cowardice ain’t lack of bravery,

but the mere uneasiness to forfeit the calm!

Cowardice if allowed to,

gradually and inadvertently engulfs the soul!

Nevertheless, if the heart ceases being faint,

glories and smiles await!


Today’s Prompt: Cowardice

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