Its astonishing how after having spent eons with some individuals, some still seem like Guests. While there are some, who we click with instantly, and they become all family. Maybe its the divine connection that binds us together. Or maybe its plain destiny! Or maybe its their flaws that we accept without any grouse.

And then there are some, who are more on and off. They are certainly not the ones, whose company we savour always. Peculiar times and moods demand them. These are the same ones, we at times find agitating no end.

However, in the end it boils down to those special ones, with whom we seem to converse in silence. Spoken words hardly matter. Rather words are an hindrance.
Some relationships do not demand spoken promises. They do not rely on fake gifts. They ask for pure love. An implied assurance of each other’s support forms an intrinsic pact of the deal. The notion’s all ingrained in the heart, that the other person is a firm pillar, who won’t let you falter, come what may! We know they can bestow us with the dose of sanity, we at times need. Such relationships are a true treasure trove.

Life is about basking in the luxury of such bonds. Its about lounging with those beings who do not judge, do not demand, and remain around, no matter how far they are physically.


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