My Writing Journey


I have always been sceptical of the notion that writing is my passion. Writing has never come easily to me. Words at times flow like overbrimming water with no pebbles obstructing their way. And then there have been instances when I have had to struggle. I have had to literally rack my brains to put a single word on paper.

Over time, I have learnt that writing eases out the ache in me. It brings along with it that calm I never knew existed. Humans judge, paper never does. It listens without qualms. And that’s the beauty of this process. It gives you time to heal yourself. And you somehow learn to stand erect yet again. Writing heals. It indeed cures like no other.

The erratic bouts of depression and other torments of my life had taken a toll on my writing. I had shoved it off on the back-burner. I had forgotten what writing meant to me. I had given up on this practice. Writing seemed laborious. It seemed like an uphill task. I often worried as to what would cure me.

But after the outpour of inspiring videos, a gazillion Ted talks, I learnt I had to get back to putting my thoughts on paper, my old friend. As funny as it might seem, I had no idea where to start. I somehow began to rant in my personal diary. But that just didn’t seem enough. Some spice was missing. It got all the more bland to pen down the mundane, the monotony of routine life. And then I wondered what would set things right.

Nevertheless, I knew it in my bones that if there’s anything that’s going to rid me of the rut, it had to be writing. But my writing had become insipid. Inspiration simply never struck. I thought the writer in me was dead.

On a pleasant afternoon, a meeting with a dear friend changed things for the good. She gave me a piece of advice, I currently hinge on. It did sound like the same repetitive advice. But the aura with which she said it made me want to believe it. Or maybe it were my circumstances that influenced me to have faith in her words. She said, “If you do anything for long enough, you become good at it.” If not for that sane afternoon, I don’t know what I’d be doing today!

One day while blog-hopping, I found the daily prompt site. And its my happy place. It was definitely that missing  cherry on the cake. And that has been my journey so far. I continue to write everyday. I crawl if I have to, but I don’t stop. I take the brickbats and the praise, all in the same light. I know one day I’ll get better at my art and pen that novel, I have always aspired to.


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Daily Prompt: Journey


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