A Love Story


Buried in books, wrapped up in music was how I was
Your aura kept me enthralled, mundane things took a pause

I thought it was another mystery of destiny, and would not last for much
I gather I was wrong, apparently pessimism and me never lost each other’s touch

Suddenly everything looked bright and oh so perfect
Bad times are not eternal, change is constant – is what I suspect

An idol of simplicity were you, pure with no facade
That attribute of yours – kept me glued to you, detaching myself was oh so hard

Our fondness for each other was unfathomable, very much akin to a magnet
Poles apart were we, amazing how we clung to each other like lovers snug in a blanket

there was that heavenly time, when we shared rosy blushes for each other
You stared at me, I sensed an unknown high – those memories are all I wanna treasure

How chaste was that love, how untainted, how blemish-free
How I wish the entity was for eternity thus setting my heart forever to glee

Captivated by your magic, I surrendered myself to you
My mind and heart warned me, I never did foresee the blues

your stares were like a drug to my new-found vigour
I discovered the pretenseless me, I wished that state stayed forever

Unpredictable was our coming together, given that our love was so raw
I wonder why I now lament upon the imminent fight we saw

But now that we are back to our mushy old days
Farther ahead, I only foresee hopeful rays

Now, we are well past the phase of new found love
Silly fights occur, but our love grows with every row!

Misunderstandings strengthen the union, they say!
Our love is so mature, these issues hardly have a long stay.

Me and you, make a wonderful two,
Your arms belong to me, my lips to you!


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