Frail Love


Frailty was a foreign concept to her,
She was as fierce as a deep rooted tree would be,
Trembling like a sapling to the faintest gust of wind,
Was an experience,
She was sure she would never encounter,
She mocked the fragile ones,
Convinced she was that frailty was a disease,
Some ill-fated ones were born with,
And so she was happily smug,
Living a life few could even dare to dream of!

Not until one day her world came crashing down,
She lost her son,
The one who was her life,
Collapsed the pillar of her life,
And she lost the will to live any further,
That is when she learnt an invaluable lesson,
Weakness is not merely ‘not being strong’,
It seldom meant the absence of the very purpose of living life,
It at times means caring and fearing the well-being of your loved ones,
Frailty is often the aftermath of fierce love for someone!

Daily Prompt: Frail

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