An Endearing Gift


Long before the sun has risen,
the early morning hustle of the cows,
the melodious chirping of the cuckoo,
against the backdrop of a pristine village with lush green grass,
is a treat to the senses!

Time spent well with friends,
While being immersed in mirth,
Bantering all throughout,
Leaves the heart guffawing!

The caress of your beloved,
The sloppy kissing along the beachside,
Sharing sweet nothings,
And beaming all the while,
Keeps the heart happy!

Reading a classic of a novel,
Painting your heart out on a wide canvas,
Playing mellifluous music on the piano,
Writing a heart-filled letter to a loved one,
Is a feast to the soul!

Life pricks a wee bit harder at times,
Occasionally, the web of monotony holds us captive,
Precisely then, such enriching experiences,
Help us regain the sanity to live,
Reinstating that life is indeed an endearing gift!

Daily Prompt: Feast

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