The Saviour


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I always wanted to live in a tranquil universe,
where brotherhood prevailed,
and sanity reigned!

Where heartwarming greetings were exchanged,
where mirth and sprightly smiles resided,
and the aroma of love wafted through the air!

Alas! We breathe in a dreadful world!

I pondered who could save mother earth,
of all the gory it lay prey to,
of the mesh of inhumanity it has got embroiled in!

And this dreamy wish alone,
provoked in me the desire,
to become a superwoman!

I wish I had the ability to alter the minds of the people,
and that with a swish and flick, I could transform their mindsets,
and get them mended to think positive thoughts!

I wish I could protect the globe,
and cleanse it of all the unkemptness,
and make it squeaky clean!

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

WOW Prompt: I always wanted to…

Discover Challenge: Superhero

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4 thoughts on “The Saviour

  1. life with out pain or conflict would have no counter of love and resolve. the sweet and sour of living
    yes it would be nice for a heeled world … but we need to cure the parasite Mankind .. wonderfully written poem thank you .


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