The Voices


The clock struck 12.
The voices called out for me. “Get out from the bed. You cannot keep us waiting like this. We are your tribe.”, they screamed! “You cannot afford to stay here for long. This place ain’t safe for you. Come, we will take you to that secluded tree, where we roam around at night. We know you are that nocturnal bird, similar to us. You must no more live here. You know we are an invisible clan. We are ghosts. You too are one. You don’t believe in that is another matter. But, you must acknowledge now, that you cannot stay with humans any more. We are supernatural. We are just souls, with no bodies to hang on. Come, lady ghost! Come”, they said to me!

And I closed the book in a jiffy. My heart was already pounding!


Daily Prompt: Clock

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