Art is sublime. I often mull over as to how we would survive if not for art. Art is so powerful a tool, a therapy, call it whatever.

      Be it the painting that lures us into its beauty. It consumes us all. I have often observed people standing for hours looking into the nuances and admiring the details. Art can be that powerful. All art-forms are heavenly. I don’t think creating such masterpieces is possible, without connecting to the divine.

      Take music for instance. Zilch cures me like music. Music is so cathartic a medium. It echoes in your ears that you are not alone. Every mortal has problems, and everyones’ still learning the trick to live life, it reveals. The lyrics can at times cure the worst depression you have been battling for years together.

       Being an ardent reader, I can thoroughly vouch for the efficacy that novels and poems have. They are a portable form of magic. They contain healing powers. I don’t know whether this stands true for others but often some stories have given me immense hope. People can have such identical tales and incidents in life. It often seems surreal to know that we can have the most ethereal connections with strangers. Bonds stronger than blood. Only art can do that.

     Therefore, artists must paint. Poets must pen beautiful poetry. Storytellers must narrate their stories. Musicians must create mellifluous music that cures the soul.
Hence, artists or creators, be it any platform that they deal with must continue doing what they do. They are the ultimate peacemakers, the soul soothers, and they alone are capable of creating the impossible, the miracles. If not for art, this world would have been just bland, meaningless.

Amidst all this, I feel proud that I can write, though I am nowhere near perfect. If I can atleast bring in a gentle cheer to someone’s rough day, I’d be the most grateful!


Daily Prompt: Paint

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