Love – An Illusion

“No baby, I’ll bring the groceries home
You don’t have to walk miles to get them”
“Yes baby, I’ll bring him back from school
Don’t you see the raging sun?”

Endowed with a husband
who’d do the chores for me
and never let me suffer
even an inch of pain

Someone who detested when
someone ogled at me
and so I thought
I was the apple of his eye

An husband oh so perfect
one would die to have him close
And I knew I was in the arms of true love
A love this pure, that hurt would always elude

Of one thing I was sure,
with an overprotective partner around
I would always be
in a protected territory

Oh, but such an illusion I was in,
He forbid me any freedom,
And chained me in the mesh of naivety
where I soaked in ignorance,
And kept me enclosed in a dungeon,
in darkness,
in despair!

Love can be
such a delusion, an illusion,
an ounce of more love,
can be so smothering.

Daily Prompt: Illusion


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