Scary Delusion


Want to know what cowardice is?

Ask the mother how she feels everytime her baby throws an awful wail,

Ask the soldier’s wife, who pray’s day and night, for her husband’s safe return,

Ask the diligent student, who despite having put in all, fears the results,

Ask the Olympic winner, who fears his rival for the next ordeal,

Ask the kid who waits for a moment, before he finally dives into the pool,

Ask the young lad, who fears to pop the question to his beloved.
Cowardice is a scary delusion,

where meek sheep appear like hounds!

Cowardice ain’t lack of bravery,

but the mere uneasiness to forfeit the calm!

Cowardice if allowed to,

gradually and inadvertently engulfs the soul!

Nevertheless, if the heart ceases being faint,

glories and smiles await!


Today’s Prompt: Cowardice

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Infertile Spaces


In the vast spaces of mind,
time refuses to tick,
knots furthur intertwine,
the demons within wreck,
and loneliness takes over,
a desert sprouts.

Infertility engulfs,
leaving behind a trail,
of coldfeet,
and disquiet reigns.

A combat begins,
the sane and insane war,
the insane argues,
the sane seems to lose grip.

the sensible shall win,
calm demands,
an ounce of chaos afore!


Daily Prompt: Desert

The Fragile Being


Shards of glass,
lay unattended,
they prick,
the fragile being;

Not once,
or twice,

She stays numb,
not retaliating,
breathing it all;

Today however,
is a new day,
she sulks,
she battles;

New beginnings,
new life,

For today on,
she swears to herself,
she shall no more succumb,
to the beatings and lashes,
of her alcoholic husband.

Today’s Prompt: Glass

Fake Truth


In a world mired in False appeasement,
where inner blemishes go untreated,
and outer masks complete the task.

In an universe where false pacifiers reign,
where apathy is masqueraded well,
with a sheen less smile.

In a space where false relief is all that is offered,
and the demons within keep battling no end,
Until they rot and proliferate grief.

And so, in a globe embroiled in such falseness,
false faith and false promises cannot be rare occurences,
but a norm!

And in such a sphere enmeshed by unreal things,
we indeed live in a mirage,
when we strive for world peace!



He pondered if she was the ultimate cure to his depression.

Her warmth-filled embrace thwarted the blocks in his brain. All his miseries seemed hazy with her in sight. She was the muse he always fantasied about!

Maybe it was the solace he derived from her infectious smile. Or the elation he sensed when he witnessed her loud laughter. He couldn’t sieve between the two!

He was convinced deep within, that she had charmed him all.

He now felt ache-less. Free of pain. A strong will to live life had started to seep within him, gently and inadvertently!

Pleasure had  consumed him. For he had found a Companion for life!

It is astounding how compassion alone has the power to cure another human, he wondered!

Passing Darkness


Amidst the bombings, and gore

Beneath the famished bodies of the hungry children

Underneath the brains of the greedy who govern

In the nature’s fury that unleashes itself often

And in the huts of the tired men who fight for their daily supper

Darkness reigns.

And doom seems imminent.

But somewhere a tiny ray of light flickers.

Hope as imperceptible as a feather’s touch lingers.

And blocks of faith float on the sea of misery.

A day shall come when the peering light will display its full glory!

Crystal Clear

Without you, everything appears obscure to me. You always stand by me, through the thick and the thin. You are my constant companion, a staunch ally! Barring a few hours, I ought to have you always, every hour, and every jiffy! At times I am left awestruck, considering my plenteous reliance on you. It is only when I don you, that I can behold this picturesque planet.

Although your existence is lifeless, you breathe life into me! It’s with you, that the world appears seemingly splendid, to my eyes. The vibrancy of the view comes alive, with you by my side!

Sadly enough, I always abandoned you in the start. I always considered you as a ‘languid appendage’ to my effervescent essence. I always thought that you stole away the gleam of my face. I detested you in abundance. I also hated that inhumane human, who diagnosed me to have you. You made my life miserable!

Nonetheless, ever since the last couple of months, I have realised your significance. Without you, incessant headaches and scoldings were a common sight, then. You are the most indispensable asset of my life. Albeit, there are ample alternatives available in the market, I will always vouch for you!

You are the most cunning tool I know! You are identical to camouflage. You have this peculiar ability of adding a tinge of ‘dainty’ look to one’s countenance. However, at times you also worsen people’s faces, with your clumsiness!

On the contrary, you make millions of lives worth living. You play a paramount role in many a peoples’ life. You are a classic instance of a ‘Best-friend’. None can define the role of a ‘best friend’ as seamlessly as you!

It’s solely on account of your loss lately, that I realised your ‘irreplaceable’ role in my life!

Though you are nothing but a pair of ‘Glasses’, carved with a desired ‘power’, you mean a lot to the bespectacled masses, like me. It’s prodigious on your part, to be able to bestow people with impeccable eyesight!

Thanks a tonne, my dear ‘SPECTACLES’!