For the Muse!


Your thoughts form chapters of my diary

Cause for the insanity that clouds my head

Reason for the inadvertent smiles

Inspiration behind the poems I pen;

If not my muse,
what are you?

Daily Prompt: Muse

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Pride goes for a fall
And bursts the balloon of ego;

World seems nonsensical
Sanity eludes you!

These days that ooze out the spirit
Times when you frown and remain forlorn

Such days carry profound lessons
Wisdom that aids you swim the tides of life

You regain the human in you
And the chaos within settles!

Daily Prompt: Profound
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The Voices


The clock struck 12.
The voices called out for me. “Get out from the bed. You cannot keep us waiting like this. We are your tribe.”, they screamed! “You cannot afford to stay here for long. This place ain’t safe for you. Come, we will take you to that secluded tree, where we roam around at night. We know you are that nocturnal bird, similar to us. You must no more live here. You know we are an invisible clan. We are ghosts. You too are one. You don’t believe in that is another matter. But, you must acknowledge now, that you cannot stay with humans any more. We are supernatural. We are just souls, with no bodies to hang on. Come, lady ghost! Come”, they said to me!

And I closed the book in a jiffy. My heart was already pounding!


Daily Prompt: Clock

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The Saviour


world smile day.PNG

I always wanted to live in a tranquil universe,
where brotherhood prevailed,
and sanity reigned!

Where heartwarming greetings were exchanged,
where mirth and sprightly smiles resided,
and the aroma of love wafted through the air!

Alas! We breathe in a dreadful world!

I pondered who could save mother earth,
of all the gory it lay prey to,
of the mesh of inhumanity it has got embroiled in!

And this dreamy wish alone,
provoked in me the desire,
to become a superwoman!

I wish I had the ability to alter the minds of the people,
and that with a swish and flick, I could transform their mindsets,
and get them mended to think positive thoughts!

I wish I could protect the globe,
and cleanse it of all the unkemptness,
and make it squeaky clean!

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WOW Prompt: I always wanted to…

Discover Challenge: Superhero

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The Worst Punishment


Owing to my depression, I had almost abandoned reading and listening to music. And ironically so, these are the only activities that I feed on for sanity. Having lost the interest to read or to listen to music, my ability to write too kept draining. Every time I tried to write, I ended up striking all that I wrote. I thought I wrote sheer nonsense.
Uncertainty had gripped me in its mesh.

I had no hazy clue how times would improve. Reading seemed laborious. I just couldn’t conjure up what the writer wanted to convey. I would stay stuck up on the same page for hours. And within moments I would land in my own sadist world, stressing and worrying about problems that never existed in the first place! And every time I made it to the next page, I would lose track of what I read previously. Believe me, there is no phase worst than this, that an avid reader can go through.

I felt as though I was being punished. Only exception being I had no slight idea what mistake I had committed.

Until I made my personal diary – my friend. I wrote everything unimaginable. At times, tears flowed down my cheeks while I wrote. I made sure I cleansed my heart and mind of all the issues that unsettled me. I wrote about everyone who made me feel inferior. I wrote about why I had to go through such things. I simply wrote, wrote and wrote a little more.

This practice relieved me. It became a routine, I couldn’t live without. Until it became an integral part of me. My diary accompanied me, wherever I went.

Today, here I am, wrapped up in pages when I have no other work. And buried in music, when I am not reading!


Daily Prompt: Punishment

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